Tuesday, June 8, 2010

P4 157.0 +Tom

Wow is all I can say.... today I am really feeling the hormones... explaines the gain, and to be honest I feel pretty heavy right now... uuugh... ya not a good feeling.. I hate this time of the month. Feeling really down on myself... came home and ate a peanut butter sandwitch... without honey or jam or peanut butter... geez... crazy because i have never cared much for them... i dont know.. have been craving sugar the last few days too.

Trying to quit smoking has been a fruitless battle this week as well. I made it all day today until about 5 pm or so and then just broke down in tears and bought a pack of smokes... I think i have been putting too much pressure on myself to do too many things and losing sight of the perspective. I have been trying not to drink as well so in the last week and a half only had one beer when out with friends for mexican food. Right now I just want to drink a whole bottle of wine and soak in the tub. Wish I felt more positive... will check in later.. by the way i did loose a half a pound from yesterday to today so even though i am up about a pound not too worried about it. Hope you are all doing good


  1. sounds VERY hormonal to me- all of it. All of the cravings. yes, you should treat yourself to a lovely hot bath, with say, one glass of wine, not the whole bottle. It does sound like you're perhaps trying to do too much at once, with all the change swirling around you. Baby steps. I think you're wanting to quit smoking & cut down on drinking is absolutely wonderful. Falling off the band wagon is not the end of the world, and tomorrow is another day. Get back up, dust yourself off, and start again tomorrow. You should be congratulating yourself for doing such a MAGNIFICENT job on keeping your weight down! What a HUGE accomplishment!! Few people are able to actually do that, and you have succeeded brilliantly!!

    In addition to the hormones, you've been sorting through a lot recently in your personal life. The change you made in your relationship with Mr. Chemistry I'm sure wasn't too easy. At some point, the decision may have been clear-cut. But, up to then, I'm sure you had hopes for something 'more'. We've all been there.

    Be kind to YOU. You're dealing with a lot right now, and while all the changes you're wanting to make are the right ones, you wouldn't be this hard on a friend would you? Be patient with you. Take the bath. Have one glass of wine. Get a good night's sleep. Kiss yourself goodnight. Wake up tomorrow morning: its a NEW day, full of new opportunities to succeed, all over again!

    Thank you for posting such a sweet message to me this week! It really meant a lot to me-

    BIG hugs to you!

  2. Wow, I can't put it any better than what LD said. There is so much shifting in your life right now - ease up on yourself. Baby steps! MUCH love to you!

  3. It was so good to see you! I hope you'll update soon. Maybe it's time for another tarot reading?